Processing Workshop at TADAEX / Tehran

TADAEX – Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition features new media art works in an annual exhibition and also encourages software literacy by offering a workshop program.

This year the program included a one day workshop each for Processing, vvvv, Touch Designer and Unreal Engine.
The round-up was a one day of open lab for all workshop participants to get together and exchange their ideas.

The program was broadened this year from the ongoing colaboration with the community around vvvv – a visual coding environment and exchange with NODE Forum for Digital Arts – the festival that developed around vvvv.


Processing is a programming environment based on java for creative coders and digital media artists to create audio/visual output ranging from realtime (interaction, generative algorithms, data visualization) to prerendered works (video effects, content for projection mapping, timeline animation). It’s also a tool for multimedia setups and a software hub. Originally started at MIT by Casey Reas and Ben Fry it’s now driven by the Processing Foundation and backed by a world wide community. Many universities and schools started teaching coding with Processing. The biggest collection of open tutorials and teaching materials so far is gathered by Daniel Shiffman.

Resources for Processing

The workshop material can be found here (pdf).