exhy – a curation service

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exhy curates exhibitions – automatically. The curation service offers to organize cultural events from finding a topic and a title to putting together a group show and arranging the works of art in the gallery space as specified by the client. The exhibition won’t be of course a random assembly. Each of them is a unique experience showing relationships, juxtapositions or contrasts within relevant works and themes of art history and contemporary events – like any well curated group show does, but it comes without they heavy workload for the curators.


This is because exhy knows over 15.000 artists – more than a human mind could ever comprehend. It draws lines between artists active in the same field who an artistic researcher wouldn’t have come across in years.
exhy is based on the huge database of artsy.net  – an online art gallery. Thousands of artist profiles are part of it and they are all linked by the logic of the Art Genome Project. The project is growing with every user interaction on artsy.net which is taken in account to improve the algorithm.

The user should be able to find art they like – quickly and efficiently –in a similar way like finding goods on Amazon and ebay.

flyer_frontThe artsy.net art recommendation system tries to define the users taste in art and suggests works they might like. Each work of art is described by characteristics. exhy filters similar works by characteristics and generates a list of artworks. By following the path given by artsy.net it always finds the next most similar work. The list of featured artists, title and exhibition text are generated by using the information collected during this process.